Gather a maximum of guests for a successful business breakfast!

Real boosters for teams’ motivation, and less formal than the business lunch, the business breakfast is more and more acclaimed by small and big companies! Let's start by the beginning : the email invitation.

It represents the very first contact between your event and your guests... and as you surely know, you won't have a second opportunity to make a good impression! Nevertheless, creating the perfect email template is not an easy task if you are not a graphic designer.

Eventdrive makes your life simpler thanks to its website creation tool! This is why we wanted to share with you an email example for one of our event that worked very well with our team ;)

Download our example now!

To create a true brand experience for your guests



To invite as many attendees as possible

If your business breakfast invitation email is attractive enough, guests will be delighted to register and know more about your event…


To create a true brand experience for your guests

The invitation email is the very first visual contact with your breakfast, so it has to be awesome! This will be a big part of the brand experience that you offer.


To bring relevant information to your attendees

Your guests have to find all the information required in your invitation email, such as : When does it take place? Where is the event? Who are the speakers?

Fabienne de Riberolles

Group Events Director, Société Générale

"Eventdrive has allowed us to drastically reduce the time spent on organizing our events by helping us to structure our processes, model our tools and automate as many actions as possible. This allows event managers to concentrate on the missions in which they excel: creativity and innovation!"

Debbie Ewens

Head of Internal Communication, Sigfox

"Eventdrive was a no-brainer for us. Plus, it’s a great story: two people who encountered this problem event after event finally invent the solution to their own problem!"